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Shot my first bear this past Saturday on my first bear hunt. I took him just outside wattsburg in erie county
Bailey Maloney
November 24, 2015

This is my 1st Archery buck taken in Waterford on Oct 18 2015.  11pt and 200 field dressed.
November 24, 2015

Craig took his biggest buck ever while he was walking into the woods to set his stand up for the last day. The winds were blowing upwards of 30 mph. As he was approaching his hunting spot this beautiful 8 point was standing there. Congratulations!
Craig arneman
November 17, 2015

Dan Morey, of Harborcreek Township, caught and released this chunky Fall pike while wading in Presque Isle Bay.
November 9, 2015

November 2, 2015

My  son Bryce's  8 point .19 1/4
October 22, 2015

Bernie is 29 years old and shot his 1st 8 point buck with his compound bow on October, 7, 2015, 30 yards away in Greene Township.
October 16, 2015

Dan Morey caught this 30-inch bowfin on a crankbait while wading in Presque Isle Bay last week.
July 22, 2015

Another big bowfin caught by Dan Morey , of Harborcreek Township, in Presque Isle Bay. This is a great year to catch a trophy bowfin in the bay.  Fish in the 10+-pound class have been very active.
July 22, 2015

Dan Morey, of Harborcreek Township, caught and released this 44-inch Longnose Gar while wading in Presque Isle Bay. The toothy predator hit one of his homemade hookless rope lures.
June 21, 2015

Dan Morey of Harbor Creek Township caught this 37 inch Northern Pike while wading in Presque Isle Bay.
May 18, 2015

Corey Rapela, 17, of Erie, Pa. shot this 9 point buck on January 3rd at 10:30 a.m. with a flintlock against all odds while it was running in pouring down rain in Hartstown, Pa.
January 18, 2015

Eight-point buck on 12/13/14
January 18, 2015

Chase Glover age 10 bagged his first deer this season with his very proud dad Dean Glover. Chase used a Winchester 243 to bring down this 8 pt. on family hunting ground.
January 6, 2015

8pt buck taken in archery season
By Aliviah Ashton 9 yrs old
December 22, 2014
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